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Eurovision Drinking Game

“You’re gonna need a bigger glass.” This is the fault of Terry Wogan and Graham Norton. A little fun made by

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Play a Eurovision drinking game without having to remember any rules on the night (because you’re already drunk) by following me! Or my sibling @rulings which is JUST the rulings and no “jokes”, sarcastic comments, or GIFs.

What rules? Well, it’ll be what is listed on the website — — plus anything that seems apropos or hilarious* on the night.

* Hilarity not guaranteed as I will also be drinking.

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So, Martin Österdahl did not appear in a group photo of the Steering Group for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, despite being the executive supervisor of the show, at least on paper.

As a reminder, he did not take part to the last press conference of the previous ESC, in which the folder with all the details was given to the Swiss delegation.

Is he about to resign? Is he good to go?

Signing off for another year, another hangover. Good fight, good night.

@james Same

Right, thanks to the people who followed me to a new social network. Hope you’re suitably drunk.

Not my favourite but not a WHAAAAT result. And obviously not the OH HELL NO result.

I was ready half a fucking hour ago

For the love of Terry just tell us

Slava Ukraini

“We did not see that coming” Well, maybe you didn’t Graham but I sure did

Public didn’t like Portgual as much as the “professional” juries

Not a winning score surely



More Måns, less pause

Spain absolutely robbed

Ooof Norway

@james I only remember Bindependence Day

Don’t recall them ever mentioning tie breaker before? Are they gonna rig the numbers that much? ERR I MEAN IS IT THAT CLOSE

Okay, public vote. Usually goes by waaaaay to fast to do anything more than celebrate or commiserate at the end.

One finger! Top points to your neighbours! - A country gives maximum marks to a neighbouring country.

One finger! Alright, stop milking it, give us the scores already!

One finger! Hello? Is this thing on? Can you hear us?

One finger! Alright, stop milking it, give us the scores already!

@jellycrystals control panel

One finger! Alright, stop milking it, give us the scores already!